IX.State Horticulture Farms (SHFs)

State Horticulture Farm is established in the year 2013 with an area of 4.05 Ha.

  • Bio-fertilizers and Bio-control Agents Production Units for Tricoderma Virdae
  • TANHODA OUTLET In State Horticulture Farms, various usufructs like fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, plantation crops, etc and byproducts like Jam, Jelly, Squash, Pickle are produced and sold 243 in the farm gates. TANHODA outlets ensure that quality produce, products and other materials like farm tools and implements, inputs for potager garden kits, vegetable seeds, Spice boxes, Dry fruit boxes, FPO products, etc are being sold at a nominal price to the public. TANHODA outlet also facilitates the farmers / FPOs to have choice for selling their products at nominal cost without any intermediaries so that they will get more income.
  • Distribution of seed balls: Trees are mainly propagated through seeds and seed balls are essential to create greener environment by convenient dispersal mechanism for people. The seeds wrapped in seed ball will keep the seed safely until a conducive environment arise for proper germination.
  • Farm Tourism: To impart knowledge on latest Horticultural technologies to students and farmers, Farm tourism was initiated in all State Horticulture Farms, Parks and Gardens throughout the state. This will help the students and people in urban areas to practically experience farming. This concept has many interesting parts in which the visitors can directly involve in farm activities. They are provided with natural refreshment and gifted with a plant as memento in remembrance of the farm visit.
  • Coconut seedling production in State Horticulture Farms
  • Plants as Return Gifts for Public and Private Functions: In Tamil Nadu, during functions like Birthday Celebration, Wedding Anniversary, Marriage, Engagement, House warming ceremony, opening ceremony of new shops, etc., return gift are given to the guests. For promoting Environment, people like to present tree saplings as return gift, as the trees and plants live longer and significantly benefit the environment. This programme brings happiness to both the giver and the taker of the plants and promotes growing of trees and plants.
  • TFL Vegetable Seed Production in Moringa and Amaranthus