BC / MBC / DNC and Minorities Welfare

BC/MBC/DNC and Minorities Welfare Office, Tiruchirappalli District

The Government is implementing various welfare schemes for the educational, economic and social upliftment of the Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes, Denotified Communities and Minorities.


  1. Scholarship
  2. Plan of offering free bicycles
  3. Provide free warehouse
  4. Free sewing machines
  5. Loan programs
  6. Narikkurava Welfare Board
  7. Muslim Women’s Help Association
  8. Ulamas and other employees welfare board
  9. Providing food subsidy
  10. Free Housing Granted
  11. Food fees for accommodation students
  12. Provision of uniform

Contact Details:-

District Backward Class Officer,

Collectorate New Building,

Tiruchirappalli – 620001.

Office Telephone No:- 0431 – 2415031>

Email Id:- dbcwo[dot]tntry[at]nic[dot]in

For Further Details contact District Backward Class Officer ,Collectorate New Building,Tiruchirappalli