DDRO-Guidelines and GOs

Acts, Rules, Guidelines and Government Orders

Differently Abled Welfare Acts,Rules,Guidelines and Government Orders
Sl.No. Type of Welfare Act, Rules,Guidelines & GOs Orders
1 The Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 Gazette (PDF 402 KB)
2 Tamil Nadu rights of persons with Disabilities rules, 2018. Gazette(PDF 92 KB)
3 The National Trust Act 1999 Gazette(PDF 1.0 MB)
4 Tamil Nadu Registration of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center of Mental Ill Person Rules 2002 Gazette(PDF 690 KB)
5 Evaluation and certification of 21 Identified Disabilities 2018 Gazette (PDF 813 KB)
6 Guidelines for Evaluation and Assessment of Autism and Procedure for Certification Gazette(PDF 6 MB)
7 Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Differently Abled Persons Guidelines(PDF 335 KB)
8 Tamil Nadu Urban Local Bodies (Provision of Special Facilities for the Differently Abled Persons in the Multi-Storied and Public Buildings) Rules 2013 Government Order(PDF 41 KB)
9 Guidelines for conducting written examination for Differently Abled Persons Guidelines(PDF 51KB)
10 Guidelines for the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2018 Zonal Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Rules Guidelines and Applications 2018 Gazette(PDF 583 KB)
11 Government Order on Allocate one of the Shops constructed in urban local bodies to the Differently Abled Persons Government Order(PDF 699 KB)
12 Three Fourth Concession given to differently Abled persons to travel in State Transport Corporations Buses as given in Railways Government Order(PDF 88 KB)

10 Years Age Concession in Employment to Differently abled Persons in Government and Public Sector Government Order(PDF 1 MB)
14 Reservation of appointment for Differently Abled Persons in all the post in respect of ‘C’ and ‘D’ Categories in Employment in Government Establishment under Persons with Disability Act 2016 Government Order(PDF 693 KB)
15 4 Percent Reservation for Differently Abled Persons in Government Establishment under Persons with Disability Act 2016 Government Order(PDF 654 KB)

Reservation Roster for Persons with Bench Mark Disabilities in Government as per PWD Act 2016 Gazette(PDF 53 KB)
17 Unregulated vacant posts are not completed by the next three years due to the availability of qualified person in government offices. Government Order (PDF 3 MB)
18 Exempt from payment of special fees for Differently Abled student students in Government and Government Aided Colleges

Government Order (PDF 52 KB)

Full dissemination from the payment of education fees to Differently Abled Persons in State Government and State-Aid higher Education Institutions . Government Order (PDF 87 KB)
20 Increase of Rs. 2,500 Travel Allowance to Government Employees

Government Order (PDF 669 KB)
21 Professional Tax exemption for the Differently Abled Persons Gazette (PDF 6 MB)
22 Government letter on Transfer of Differently Abled persons to possibility to provide at nearby home town. Letter (PDF 61KB)
23 Special Casual Leave on International Differently Abled Day

Government Order (PDF 40 KB)
24. Power given to provided Travel Allowances to the Differently Abled by Pay Drawing Officer itself

Government Order (PDF 67 KB)
25 Special Permission for the Government Differently Abled Persons leaving office 15 Minutes in advance

Government Order (PDF 56 KB)
26 Traveling Allowance to Government Employed Hearing Impaired Persons Government Order (PDF 121 KB)
27 Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired are exemption from the basic training provided by the State Government Officer in Bhavani Sagar

Government Order (PDF 177 KB)