Area Expansion Programme

  • Cultivation of Hybrid vegetables (Brinjal, Tomato and Chillies)- Protray seedlings has been produced at State Horticulture Farms and distributed to farmers at free cost at the rate of Rs. 20000 per hectare
  • Crop incentive programme-The farmers can avail an incentive of Rs 2,500 per hectare to cultivate vegetables during off-season.
  • Augumentation of Moringa Seedlings with Rs.10000 per hectare
  • Mango cultivation under High Density Planting- Rs. 9840 per hectare
  • Guava cultivation under High Density Planting- Rs. 17600 per hectare
  • Flower crops cultivation: For cultivating Marigold and Jasmine, Rs. 16000 per hectare and for Tuberose Rs. 60000 per hectare been given to farmers as back ended subsidy
  • Spice chillies cultivation Rs. 12000 per hectare and Rhizomatic Spices Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric cultivation- Rs. 12000 per hectare been given to farmers as back ended subsidy
  • Perennial spices cultivation- Rs. 20000 per hectare as subsidy
  • Acid lime cultivation Rs.13200 per hectare as subsidy
  • Cocoa planting- Rs. 12000 per hectare as subsidy

Protected Cultivation

  • Construction of Poly house: 50% subsidy has been provided for constructing Poly houses at the rate of Rs. 468 per square meter allowing maximum 4000 sq.m per beneficiary
  • Shadenet house: As like poly house construction, 50% assistance has been given to the maximum of 4000 sqm per beneficiary at rate of Rs. 355 per square meter
  • Mulching: 50% assistance will be given-Rs. 16000 as back ended subsidy
  • Creation of water resources: To encourage water harvesting system for individuals, to create farm ponds, tube well and open wells an assistance of Rs. 75000/- has been provided.

Integrated Nutrient Management

  • To encourage use of micro nutrients, at the rate of Rs. 500 per hectare the micro nutrients has been distributed among the farmers.

Organic farming

  • Adoption of organic farming – for cultivating organic vegetables subsidy is given to farmers

Pollination Support Through Bee-Keeping

  • In order to maximize production, honey-bee colonies have been given to farmers at 40% subsidy at the rate of Rs. 1600 per colony and for honey extractor Rs. 8000 is given.

Horticulture Mechanization

  • For purchase of 20HP mini tractor Rs. 75000 and for 8HP power tiller Rs. 60000 has been given as subsidy at 25 % and 40% subsidy respectively.
  • For purchase of powered knapsack sprayer Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2500/- has been given as subsidy for the sprayer capacity of 12-16 liters and 8-12 liters respectively.

Integrated post harvest Management

  • To construct pack houses for the purpose of grading, cleaning and packing of Horticultural produces at the rate of 50% subsidy Rs. 2.00 lakh has been provided.