School Education


Education is the process by which a society transmits its accumulated knowledge skills and values from one generation to another. Education must provide the means and opportunities to enhance the child creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation. Education gives knowledge about the world around us. It makes children capable of interpreting things in the right perspective.


  1. To provide universal access, equity, quality at primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary level.
  2. To evolve curriculum and evaluation procedures in conformity with the values enshrined in the Constitution.
  3. To build the child knowledge, potential talent and develop the child physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent.
  4. To provide a conducive learning environment through learning activities, discovery and exploration in a child friendly and child centered manner.
  5. To make examinations more flexible and integrated in classroom life by implementing continuous and comprehensive evaluation in phases, to remove the anxiety and stress caused by terminal examinations.


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan:

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme in partnership with State Governments for universalising elementary education across the country.

It aims to provide useful and relevant elementary education to all children in the age-group 6 to 14 by ensuring universal access and retention, bridging of gender and social category gaps in education and enhancement of learning levels of children by provision of quality education.

  1. Ensuring cent percent enrolment.
  2. Ensuring cent percent retention of children enrolled in schools without getting dropped out.
  3. Providing quality elementary education in all schools.
  4. Providing an inclusive environment in schools conducive to differently abled children, children from marginalised sections, and children hailing from difficult circumstances.
  5. Providing infrastructure facilities to promote quality in education in all schools.

Rashtriyamadhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan:

The RashtriyaMadhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) scheme initiated in 2009, demonstrated the ambition of the Government for a secondary education system that can support the growth and development of the Nation. It aims to increase the enrolment rate to 90% at secondary and 75% at higher secondary stage by providing a secondary school within reasonable distance of every home and also to improve the quality of secondary education by making all secondary schools conform to prescribed norms, removing gender, socio-economic and disability barriers and providing universal access to secondary level education by 2017.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Making good quality education to all young persons in the age group of 14-18 years.
  2. To enhance enrolment in classes IX and X by providing a secondary school within a reasonable distance of every habitation, i.e. 5 kilometres for secondary schools and 7 -10 kilometres for higher Secondary schools
  3. To improve quality of Education imparted at the Secondary Level by ensuring all secondary schools conform to prescribed/standard norms
  4. To remove socio, economic and gender barriers from the precincts of Secondary Education
  5. To achieve Universal retention by 2020
  6. To provide necessary physical facilities, teaching and non-teaching staff for every secondary school
  7. To ensure that all students pursuing secondary education of good quality.

Right to Education:

In Karur district 133 Private Non – minority and Un – Aided Schools have 6840 seats in entry level class. As per RTE act 2009, 1759 (25% of total seats) seats are allotted to admit children of Weaker Sections and Disadvantaged Groups.


Education is an important component in the process of human development. The state has a policy objectives of Universal elementary education through the enrollment and retention of all children in the age group of 6-14 years. The district administration taking all effort to enroll all children who completed 5 years in the network of schools across the district.

S.No. Educational Block Name of the office Office Address Phone Number Land line Number E-mail ID
1 CEO Office Chief Educational Office , Tirupur Chief Educational Office , Tirupur, Door No.514, 5th floor, Tirupur Collectorate, Tirupur District-641604 ceo.tntpr1[at]gmail[dot]com
2. DEO Office District Educational Office , Tirupur District Educational Office , Tirupur,Door No.632, 6th floor, Tirupur Collectorate, Tirupur District-641604 deo_tiruppur([at])yahoo[dot]com
3. DEEO Office District Elementary Educational Office, Tirupur District Elementary Educational Office, Tirupur, Door No.520, 5th floor, Tirupur Collectorate, Tirupur District-641604 9942973077 deeotiruppur[at]gmail[dot]com
4. Tirupur Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Tirupur South. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Aranmanai pudur School Campus, Dharapuram Road, Tirupur South, Tirupur – 641 604 9750982338 southtiruppur[at]gmail[dot]com
5. Tirupur Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Tirupur North. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Commercial Office Compound, Near North Police Station, Kumaran Road, Tirupur-641 601. 9750982337 aeeotiruppur[at]gmail[dot]com
6. Avinashi Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Avinashi. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Bharathidhasan Street, Srinivasapuram, Avinashi, Tirupur-641 654 9750982311 04296274634 aeeoavinashi[at]gmail[dot]com
7. Palladam Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Palladam. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Vadugapalayam, PUE School Campus, Udumalpet Road, Palladam, Tirupur-641 664. 9750982321 aeeopalladam[at]gmail[dot]com
8. Pongalur Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Pongalur. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, PAP Quarters, Trichy Main road, Pongalur, Tirupur-641 667 9750982330 04212316330 aeeopongalur[at]gmail[dot]com
9. Udumalpet Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Udumalpet. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Indhur Nagar, Gandhi Nagar Post, Udumalpet, Tirupur-642 154 9750982339 04252229339 aeeoudumalpet[at]gmail[dot]com
10. Gudimangalam Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Gudimangalam. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Gudimangalam Union, Pethappampatti, Tirupur-642 205 9750982314 04252246539 aeeogudimangalam[at]gmail[dot]com
11. Madathukulam Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Madathukulam. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Raja Street, Panchayat Union Middle School Campus, Madathukulam, Tirupur-642 113 9750982319 aeeomadathukulam[at]gmail[dot]com
12. Dharapuram Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Dharapuram. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Beemarayan Street, Bangala Thottam, Dharapuram, Tirupur-638 656 9750982441 04258225020 aeeodharapuram[at]gmail[dot]com
13. Kundadam Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Kundadam. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Government Higher Secondary School Compound, Kundadam, Tirupur-638 702 9750982443 04258263055 aeeokundadam894[at]gmail[dot]com
14. Mulanur Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Mulanur. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Karur Main Road, Mulanur, Tirupur-638 601 9750982439 04202227667 aeeomulanur658[at]gmail[dot]com
15. Vellakovil Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Vellakovil. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, PUMS Vellakovil West Campus, Vellakovil, Tirupur-638 111 9750982438 aeeovellakovil684[at]gmail[dot]com
16. Kangayam Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Kangayam. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Palayankottai Road, Kangayam, Tirupur-638 701 9750982445 aeeokangayam178[at]gmail[dot]com
17. Uthukuli Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Uthukuli. Assistant Elementary Educational Office, Government Girls Higher Secondary School Campus, Uthukuli, Tirupur-638 751 9750982449 aeeouthukuli789[at]gmail[dot]com




1. Tiruppur South 9 15 31 21 4 2 46
2. Tiruppur North 1 9 8 50 24 2 54
3. Avinashi 92 24 2 15
4. Palladam 59 17 6 14
5. Pongalur 59 15 4 3 3
6. Udumalpet 11 6 72 18 5 5 11
7. Gudimangalam 45 12 2 1
8. Madathukulam 48 12 3 1 8
9. Dharapuram 1 4 75 12 12 17
10. Kundadam 79 16 5 6
11. Mulanur 86 8 3 3
12. Vellakovil 61 17 2 1
13. Kangayam 44 13 4 8
14. Uthukuli 63 17 1
TOTAL 1 30 33 864 226 54 11 188

Note :

GMS – Government Middle School

MPS – Municiple Primary School

MMS – Municiple Middle School

PUPS – Panchayat Union Primary School

PUMS – Panchayat Union Middle School

APS – Aided Primary School

WPS – Welfare Primary School

N&P S – Nursery and Primary School